Indeed, STOP DEMOLISHING PHILLY is a photo exhibition – of the awful truth happening around us in Mayor Jim Kenney’s Philadelphia. But it’s an opportunity for all of us, collectively, to say enough is enough.

On Thursday, September 9th, Global Philadelphia hosted its annual “World Heritage City Celebration” at the Crystal Tea Room. Our Mayor is a vice president of the Organization of World Heritage Cities. Our mayor promised stronger preservation. Our mayor has instead overseen record numbers of demolitions, including buildings on the local Register of Historic Places. Our mayor went so far as to write a letter OPPOSING the designation of a group of 1850s buildings important to the city’s (and country’s) gas industry.

Tickets to the World Heritage City Celebration cost $250 a head. I posit that that money is better spent going to RePoint Philadelphia, the nonprofit organization taking the lead on historic preservation policy reform. RePoint has prepared white papers on three important policies that can make an immediate difference: 

      Along with Build Like You Live Here, RePoint is also a founding partner of a budding coalition of neighbors and organizations around the city demanding responsible development, a group that includes Riverwards L&I Coalition and others.

        I’ve created a GoFundMe for STOP DEMOLISHING PHILLY that will give all proceeds to RePoint – going to support their exhausting time, energy, and outreach to the public and elected officials who understand the importance of the city’s historic fabric – particularly when history is the city’s brand. 

        DONATE HERE. 

        Thank you.